Growing up just outside of Dallas, I learned the value of an ice cold Shiner on blistering summer day. I also learned the value of exploring beyond the borders of your childhood town. The first focus of my wanderlust was Los Angeles, where I quickly realized that year round 70-and-sunny was a recipe for an unhappy ginger. Applying aloe vera all the way back to Texas, I found a new voice in Houston’s tech industry, but it became clear that I had a creative itch that lines of code couldn’t fully scratch. With my husband, our cat, and a stupid amount of shoes, New York has allowed me to find the confidence to express my inner #girlboss.

No matter where I've planted my roots, curiosity and a passion for learning have been my driving forces. And while some hobbies may come and go, what makes me who I am never seem to sway: an abiding love for design, technology, comedy, and science. Mix in a bit of video games, fashion and voice acting… and “baby, you’ve got a stew going!”

What I've been up to lately: