Product + UX Designer
Brooklyn, NY

When you do things right, people won’t
be sure you’ve done anything at all.
— God, "Futurama"

What I can offer


User Experience

I create intuitive experiences that will work for any user. First, I’ll develop insights by establishing personas of my target users and the problems that I need to solve for them. I can then build user journeys and flows that guide me to a deeper understanding of how they’ll be interacting with the product. This architecture guides the creation of wireframes and prototypes which will allow informative user testing and iteration on the concepts I’ve presented.


Visual Design

Once the walls are erected, it’s time to roll on some paint. Combining my design eye with a now-deep understanding of what my users are looking for, I’ll apply visual hierarchy, typography, photography, iconography, and color to bring forward that perfect blend of form and function. This established look can be documented in a style guide, which helps maintain consistency while allowing for flexibility.


Brand Identity

While creating a good-looking and intuitive product is important, connecting with an emotion is far more meaningful. It’s crucial that a brand’s values align with the values of their users. To that end, I work directly with my clients to make sure that their voice is like a bat signal to the users - an association that they’ll never forget.