Design Process

Ultimately, I’m here to solve problems for both the client and their users. Diagnosing and understanding the problem at hand is my first step toward establishing a strategy and a vision for the product. Once I know what my ultimate objective is, I dive into a research and discovery phase to gather insights and inspiration. When beginning the brainstorming process, I try to mind-meld the client’s business goals with the user’s goals and lock down the most effective ways to bridge that gap. With the product’s needs mapped out and the strategy locked in, I start prototyping, designing, and testing. I’ll analyze the results of the tests, and iterate on the concept until I’ve cracked the code and solved the problem that brought me here in the first place.



I’ve had the pleasure and experience of working with a wide variety of clients across many industries, having a chance to see and understand their needs. I’ve also come to learn that flexibility and the ability to wear multiple hats can be paramount to the success of a project. Some of the clients that I’ve had the opportunity to solve problems for include: